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What kinds of willow technology can be classified according to the three-dimensional form?

Weaving is a cross arrangement of a wide range of fiber materials into a variety of different crafts or practical products, willow of course is the wicker using different knitting methods, through the selection, pressure, compiling and other methods to form a fixed form of technology.
According to the three-dimensional form of weaving, willow knitting technology can be divided into horizontal knitting, vertical weaving, flower weaving, and needling. The horizontal knitting surface is smooth and the surface is smooth; the vertical knitting product has strong stereoscopic sense, rugged, beautiful and beautiful, the product is heavier and more durable. The flower weaving is called the disorderly twist, the wicker with different thickness and color is twisted into different flower type, the flower type is delicate and fine and the decoration is strong; the spiny knitting is completely broken by the traditional weaving method to diverge. The wicker is a molding element, and the product is highly decorated. According to the difference between knitting method and finished product pattern, the basic skills of willow knitting process can be divided into three types: flat knitting, twisting and weaving.
We have introduced a lot about the knitting process of willow, and different knitting techniques will eventually achieve different results. With the development of modern society, the number of people engaged in willow knitting technology is gradually decreasing. This traditional craft needs us to continue to pass on.

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